Recent Transactions

"As business owners focused on growing a successful company, we did not fully appreciate the skill set and complexities required of selling one. Synxronos had an excellent understanding of our marketplace, and undertook a strategic approach in positioning NEOS to likely buyers. Synxronos worked closely with our shareholders to develop a comprehensive management presentation including detailed revenue forecasts, operating and financial models, and a thorough overview of products, IP and manufacturing operations. Synxronos negotiated the LOI and managed the due diligence process seamlessly by engaging with our shareholders and outside professionals. The entire process was professionally managed and on schedule. The result was that NEOS was sold to the ideal strategic buyer providing both superior financial returns to NEOS’s shareholders and continuity for NEOS’s employees and customers.

Todd Stolberg, Greg Fitzerald and Ron Stern, former shareholders of New England Optical Systems, Inc.


"Synxronos was highly recommended to us by owners of a company that Synxronos had recently sold. While our expectations were high, Synxronos far exceeded them in terms of understanding our business and market, and developed the strategy to successfully implement the sales process. As a result, we had numerous, high-quality offers to entertain, allowing us to sell the Company to an owner strongly aligned with our vision, while providing an outstanding financial return."

Mark Lewis and Bill MacGregor, former shareholders of East Coast Welding & Fabrication Inc.


"Synxronos went above and beyond our expectation in selling C/A Design. As an engineering-driven company, we didn't fully understand our business from a strategic and P&L perspective. Synxronos carefully analyzed our profitability to create a pro forma P&L that highlighted the operating leverage an acquirer could realize. Synxronos’ complete knowledge of our business and its marketplace resulted in a well thought out and managed process that focused exclusively on strategic buyers able to leverage our business to achieve accelerated growth. This, combined with a well crafted Offering Memorandum and Management Presentation, “wowed” likely buyers. With Synxronos’ guidance, the sale process was managed seamlessly from start to finish. As a result, C/A Design was sold to a strategic buyer that was a perfect fit for our customers and employees, and provided a strong financial return to our shareholders."

Robert April, John Catizone and Michael Costello, former shareholders of C/A Design


"The shareholders of CTI wanted to conduct a fast, least instrusive sales process to sell the Company. Synxronos was able to leverage its vast understanding of the Human Machine Interface ("HMI") marketplace to provide CTI with the right targets to sell the Company to. In less than a month, CTI was able to enter sign a Letter of Intent with its buyer, achieving its desired valuation and deal structure”

Peter Mikan, former President and major shareholder of CTI Electronics Corporation

"Synxronos did an outstanding job in managing the sales process of ATM. By fully understanding our business, Synxronos developed a pro-forma P&L that accurately reflected our true profitability and provided a realistic valuation. Synxronos provided a thorough list of likely strategic buyers and went to extraordinary lengths to attract key buyers. Synxronos is a one man operation; you get Ken 100% of the time. Ken possess a keen intellect and rapidly turned our business information into a well-crafted Offering Memorandum and Management Presentation resulting in a strong bidding process. The transaction was managed professionally and efficiently; Ken anticipated and worked through an array of issues culminating in a transaction that provided a superior return for our shareholders.”

Mike and Gene Geraci, former owners of Advanced Technical Materials, Inc.


"Synxronos managed the sales process for Betatronix’ prior owner when we acquired the business in 2007. As such, we knew Synxronos fully understood the business, the likely strategic buyers, and would manage the process in an efficient and professional manner. As anticipated, the process moved smoothly and on schedule, maximizing value for the shareholders while maintaining continuity for Betatronix’ employees and customers."

B. Andrew Spence, former Chairman, Betatronix, LLC

"Synxronos conducted a thorough process to sell IEC, from preparing a detailed Confidential Offering Memorandum and developing a comprehensive list of strategic buyers, to expertly strategizing and managing the negotiation process. As a result, IEC was sold to a company that met our strategic and cultural objectives, while meeting our timeline and valuation expectations."

Richard Pettegrew, former owner, IEC Infrared Systems Inc.


"Over the years, Cosense was approached by several strategic and financial buyers, none of whom made adequate offers for my business. Synxronos worked diligently to understand the details of Cosense in order to present the business in its best light. As a result, Cosense was sold at a significant premium to the prior offers."

Naim Dam, former owner, Cosense Inc.


"The Synxronos process is methodical, robust and reliable and yielded a very favorable outcome for Protokraft. At each step in the process, we understood our position on the roadmap and what the next action items and their timing would be. The remarkable discipline of the Synxronos process leveled the playing field with our bidders. Synxronos connected us with the most likely candidates and enabled us to achieve the maximum possible valuation in a relatively short time."

Robert Scharf, former Owner, Protokraft, LLC


"Synxronos' proven experience selling thermal management companies provided confidence that Kittredge would be presented to and sold to the right strategic buyer. The sale to Niagara provides an ideal operational and strategic fit for Kittredge while providing a superior financial return to ITR."

Peter Rolla, President, ITR Industries, former owner, Kittredge & Sons


"Synxronos canvassed the residential heating market to identify strategic buyers that could leverage OEM’s broad product offering and distribution channels. The end result of this effort was an efficient and successful sale to Beckett that preserves the continued high level of quality, value and service to OEM's customer base."

Einar Gudjohnsen, President, Oil Equipment Manufacturing LLC


"Synxronos guided us through a successful sales process during a difficult market environment. By providing us with valuation expectations and likely exit options, developing a thorough Offering Memorandum and contacting an exhaustive list of prospective buyers, the business was sold providing the maximum return to its shareholders."

Alex Rados, former Owner, Injectamax Corporation


"Synxronos was extremely knowledgeable about the electromechanical switch market and Electro Switch's strategy. As such, Synxronos was very efficient in identifying an acquisition candidate that would realize Electro Switch's strategic objectives. Synxronos made contact with Gaynor, analyzed the financial and customer information and helped structure a transaction that was beneficial to both the buyer and seller."

Robert Pineau, President, Electro Switch Corporation


"Synxronos' success in selling other thermal management businesses provided SprayCool's Board with the confidence that the Company could be sold in a difficult market environment. Synxronos embarked on a focused sales process with a variety of strategic buyers, resulting in a favorable outcome for the Company's stakeholders."

Matt Gerber, former President, SprayCool


"Synxronos was the obvious choice in selling J.A. Reinhardt. Synxronos identified a variety of strategic buyers and prepared a detailed Offering Memorandum on the business. As a result, we had several meaningful offers and were able to select the ideal buyer, ensuring continued growth for J.A. Reinhardt & Company."

Gary Reinhardt, former owner, J.A. Reinhardt & Company

"Having moved Airflyte from New Jersey to Florida between 2007 and 2008, the Company's financials were difficult to interpret. Synxronos was able to delve into the financials and develop a pro forma P&L for the business that accurately reflected Airflyte's inherent profitability. This, combined with Synxronos' detailed understanding of the marketplace, enabled Synxronos to present Airflyte to a targeted list of strategic prospects, resulting in the Company being sold at a very attractive price."

John Piret, former owner, Airflyte Electronics Company


"Synxronos thoroughly understood my business form the start. As a result, the right strategic buyers were brought in, and we were able to sell the business at an exceptional multiple while assuring continuity to my customer base."

Ahren Cohen, former owner, Carter Manufacturing


"For several years I tried to sell Betatronix without achieving my financial objectives. Within seven months of hiring Synxronos, the business was sold at a valuation that far exceeded my expectation."

Joseph Yanosik Sr., former owner, Betatronix, Inc.


"Several companies had come to DJ in the past making unsolicited offers. Synxronos presented the Company in a professional way, setting up a competitive bidding process that resulted in a favorable value over prior offers."

Michael Testa, former owner, DJ Instruments


"Synxronos was able to understand the true value of AMM and positioned it into the marketplace accordingly. As a result, we were able to sell the business to a strategic buyer at a valuation far above our expectation."

Gary Reinhardt, former owner, Advanced Metals Machining


"SORL, being a small division of McPherson, was a business that could easily have been swallowed up by a larger competitor. My goal was to sell it to a company that would keep all the employees and continue to invest in its growth. Synxronos was able to find an ideal acquirer who let the business continue to operate independently and provided an excellent financial return to McPherson."

Dietmar Schoeffel, President and Owner, McPherson, Inc.